Office Hours

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Office Hours (OH) are a great place to get homework help or clarification on concepts introduced in class.

Office Hours Policy

Times and Locations

Even though we are officially back on campus, we are planning on running Office Hours both in-person and over Zoom. You can attend Office Hours hosted by any TA — it doesn't have to be the TAs of your section.

All Office Hours are listed on the calendar:

  • For calendar events denoting physical location (e.g., CSE 4/F Breakout), the Office Hours are hosted in-person.
  • For calendar events denoting "Zoom", the Office Hours are virtual. Please take a look at the section below for instructions.

Virtual Office Hours

We will be using a spreadsheet to post Zoom meeting IDs and organize queueing. When you are ready to get help, add your name into the queue and hang out in the Zoom session. Your host will either release you from the waiting room or move you into a separate breakout room when it is your turn.

You must use your @cs Google account to access the queue spreadsheet. Your @uw account does not have the correct permissions. Please do not use the request permissions functionality — instead, make sure you've chosen the correct Google account. Let us know if you need to be manually granted access (e.g., you are a petition or non-matriculated student).

If you're looking for help on homework, we recommend joining from your computer so that you can easily share your screen, but Zoom also lets you join meetings by calling in on a phone, or through mobile apps.

In-Person Office Hours

You may come to in-person Office Hours listed on the calendar without prior appointment. Please be sure to follow standard UW COVID-19 protocols (wearing a facial covering, social distancing, etc.). The Allen Center reception has hand sanitizer and extra masks.

If there are a lot of people at one time, we might ask you to queue by writing your name down on the whiteboard. Otherwise, we will try to walk through and check-in on everyone's progress from time to time.

The CSE breakouts are areas by the Allen Center staircase with whiteboards, couches, and windows that overlook AERB and MEB. Click here for some pictures of what they look like.