• 05/27 EX14-15 are out, due next Friday withdrawn. Please stay safe and feel free to contact the course staff if you ever want to talk about anything.
  • 05/25 Happy Memorial Day! Lecture and OH are cancelled on Monday. P3 Checkpoint is due Tuesday, and the para exercises are due Wednesday. The course staff wishes you an enjoyable Barbecue-in-Place πŸ³πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ!
  • 05/13 Please fill out the P3 partner form before Thursday 6PM.
  • 05/11 We've released EX10-13 to be due in about two weeks (two days after memorial day; but we suggest a pacing of doing two per week). Check CSE GitLab for a repo named "para-UWNetID"!
  • May the 4th be with you. No exercises this week, but P2 Checkpoint 2 is due on Tuesday, and Quiz 3 will be released on Wednesday.
  • 04/27 EX08-09 have been released!
  • 04/20 Welcome to Week 4! EX06-07 are released and will be due next Monday at 11:59 PM. Please be forewarned that Q2 is scheduled to be released this Wednesday.
  • 04/15 P2 has been released! Please complete the partner form by 6:00 PM on Thursday, Apr 16.
  • 04/13 EX05 is out and will be due on Monday, Apr 20. EX02-EX04 are due today (Apr 13) at 11:59 PM.
  • 04/08 Q1 came out at 4:30 PM and will be due on Friday, Apr 13 at 3:20 PM. More logistics.
  • 04/06 EX02-04 was released at 3:20 PM and will be due on Monday, Apr 13. Heads up that EX03 and EX04 involve heaps and won't be covered until later this week.
  • 04/06 We just added the Office Hours schedule into the calendar, see Office Hours for information on joining. All recordings were also moved to Panopto due to security concerns associated with Zoom.
  • 04/01 Check out the section Zoom links on Canvas. We also uploaded the Syllabus.
  • 03/30 P1 is released. Please complete the partner form by Tuesday, Mar 31 6:00 PM. EX01 is an optional Java review/coding challenge "due" on Friday, Apr 3.
  • 03/29 Hello! Welcome to CSE 332. We are stoked to have you here. Please note that the site is actively under construction, and everything posted should be considered tentative until this notice disappears.

Weekly Calendar

Asking Questions & Getting Help

It is very important to us that you succeed in CSE 332! Outside of lectures and sections, there are several ways to ask questions or discuss course issues:

  • Visit office hours! This is the best place to get detailed, hands-on debugging help. In addition, if you need extra time or need to discuss something in private, feel free to email and make an appointment. We love one-on-one time with students!
  • Make a public post about course content on Piazza , where they benefit the whole class.
  • Make a private post on Piazza or send an email to cse332-staff@cs with any questions or issues you would prefer to discuss privately. Both of these will reach just the course staff.
  • Send Anonymous Feedback to the instructor. She will share it with others only as appropriate, but will not have a way to reply to you or request clarification without addressing the whole class.