Hannah C. Tang she/her

Email: cse332-staff for course questions (reaches Hannah + TAs), otherwise hctang

Background: I've spent my entire life in the Seattle area. CSE 142 was the first time I programmed!

Conversation Starter: Ask me for "early days" stories from any of the companies I've worked for.

Teaching Assistants

Khushi Chaudhari she/her

Email: khushic

Section: AB

Background: I moved around a decent amount as a kid! The journey looks something like this: India->Texas->Washington->India->Washington where middle school was spent entirely in India and then high school and college in Washington. I've been interested in computer science since a young age, but I first started coding when I took AP Computer Science in sophomore year of high school. Since then, I've made websites, games, apps, and more!

Conversation Starter: I'm a black belt in karate and I love to rock climb (although haven't been able to do much of either recently). During quarantine, I binged all seven seasons of Brooklyn 99 and started reading again (currently reading: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr)!

Chris Choi he/him

Email: cjc61

Section: AA and AB

Background: I've grown up in Washington, but I spend my Christmases in Singapore. I miss Singapore's food so much. That said, I've always been a mathematician and I took my first class for programming in high school.

Conversation Starter: I'm a fan of writing, D&D, mathematics, and gaming. I also watch a lot of movies, so if you want quarantine movie recommendations, let me know.

Lucy Jiang she/her

Email: lucjia

Section: AC

Background: I'm from Redmond, WA and didn't program much until coming to college. CSE 143 was my first college computer science course! Since coming to UW, I've also found a passion for HCI and developing / advocating for accessible technology!

Conversation Starter: I love baking, cooking, food photography, and reading - feel free to talk to me about baking, pastries, food, or really anything :)

Richard Jiang he/him

Email: rjiang98

Background: I'm from Portland, Oregon. CSE 142 was my first ever programming class and CSE 332 is my favorite CS class, by far. Because of that I've TA 332 5 times.

Conversation Starter: Ask me about getting into TAing or performing well on interviews, I would love to help people out!

Ethan Knutson he/him

Email: ethanmwk

Section: AA

Background: I spent my entire life in Wenatchee, Washington before coming to UW. During my freshman and sophomore years I took a variety of engineering prerequisites before ultimately taking CSE 142 (the first time I programmed) during spring quarter of sophomore year!

Conversation Starter: Ask me about what movies I’ve watched recently, what clothing brands I’m excited about, or what music I’m listening to!

Nathan Lipiarski he/him

Email: lipian

Section: AC

Background: I grew up in the Philadelphia area, but moved to Seattle after being accepted at the UW. I am now a Junior and have been in the computer science program for a year and a half.

Conversation Starter: Talk to me about memes and musicals or if you want someone with no palate to complain about the food in Seattle.

Annie Mao she/her

Email: anniem4

Section: AD

Background: I grew up in Sammamish, WA. I originally intended to major in bioengineering, but when I took CSE 142 as a pre-req, I really enjoyed programming, so I decided to major in Computer Science instead.

Conversation Starter: A hobby of mine is kickboxing/MMA, so feel free to ask me about that or UFC. I also did a ton of weird arts & crafts over break if you want to hear about that.

Jade Watkins she/her

Email: jliza

Background: I'm a transfer student. I started at the University of Idaho, took a break, finished my associates at South Seattle Community College, and then transferred to the UW. It's been a long journey!

Conversation Starter: Ask me about the laboratory in my apartment.

Howard Xiao he/him

Email: thx

Section: AD

Background: I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and from-from the Land of Dim Sum. I started TAing 14x as a way to be closer to CSE when I was a lowly pre-major, but ended up enjoying it so much that I never stopped TAing since.

Conversation Starter: I love chatting about TAing, urban planning/transit, coffee, the PNW music scene and also happen to be in the middle of building a high-altitude balloon. There's also life in quarantine to discuss :)