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 CSE 326: Data Structures and Algorithms
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Assignments and exams
1 M 06-Jan Introduction
First Day Survey
W 08-Jan Complexity
F 10-Jan Program Analysis
2 M 13-Jan Lists
W 15-Jan Stacks, Queues
F 17-Jan Trees
3 M 20-Jan No School
W 22-Jan AVL Trees
A Neat Applet
F 24-Jan Splay Trees
4 M 27-Jan Priority Queues and Heaps
W 29-Jan Lecture 10
F 31-Jan Lecture 11
5 M 3-Feb Lecture 12
W 5-Feb Lecture 13
F 7-Feb Lecture 14
6 M 10-Feb Lecture 15
W 12-Feb Midterm
F 14-Feb Lecture 16
7 M 17-Feb Presidents' Day - no skool
W 19-Feb Lecture 17
F 21-Feb Lecture 18
8 M 24-Feb Lecture 19
W 26-Feb Lecture 20
F 28-Feb Lecture 21
9 M 3-Mar Lecture 22
W 5-Mar Lecture 23
F 7-Mar Lecture 24
10 M 10-Mar Lecture 25
W 12-Mar Lecture 26
F 14-Mar

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