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 CSE 326: Data Structures and Algorithms
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    There will be weekly assignments, either written or programming. Written assignments will be due one week after they are assigned, at the beginning of class, unless otherwise specified. Programming assignments should be turned in electronically before 11pm on due date to your respective graduate TA i.e. to Vass (vass@cs) if you are in Sections AA/AB and to Nilesh (nilesh@cs) if you are in Sections BA/BB.

Course Labs: Sieg 232 and Sieg 329. Labs have NT machines with X servers to access Unix. All projects will be graded on Unix. You may use tools such as J++ on other OSs but make sure you test under Unix.

Expect about 7 assignments total. There will also be a midterm and a final.

Late assignments will not be accepted. See the exams page for information about the midterm and the final.

Your grade will be determined as follows:

  • Weekly assignments: 50%
  • Midterm: 20%
  • Final: 30%

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