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 CSE 326: Data Structures, Summer 2003
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Sending Mail

The class annoucement mailing list is: cse326-announce@cs.washington.edu. This list will be used by the course staff to make official class-related announcements. Only the course staff can post to this list. You are responsible for any notices sent over this list.

The class discussion mailing list is: cse326@cs.washington.edu. This list is for student discussion, but please keep in mind that your mail will be sent to several dozen people -- don't send answers to homework questions or personal messages to the entire mailing list.

The TA's and professor will read cse326 on a regular basis, but not necessarily in the evenings or weekends. Students must plan their work schedule so that they do not require immediate response from the instructors over the weekend. Questions sent to cse326 that are answered by previous messages in the email archive will be passed over silently by the staff. Read the archive before posting to cse326, and if your question is not answered after posting then go back and check the archive again!

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe to and unsubscribe from the class mailing lists, enter your email address on the web form corresponding to the mailing lists that you are interested in. You must reply to the confirmation message sent to your email address before you can be subscribed to the mailing list.

E-mail Archives:

All mail sent to the class announcement list (cse326-announce) is archived here.

All mail sent to the class discussion list (cse326) is archived here.

(Only "2003-June", "2003-July", "2003-August" entries are relevant, of course)

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