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 CSE 322: Intro. to Formal Models in Comp. Sci.
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Welcome to CSE 322 (Autumn 2001)

Rajesh Rao (Instructor)


Deepak Verma (TA)

MWF 10:30-11:20 in MGH 231

In this course, we will explore basic concepts in the theory of computing. We will study a variety of abstract computing machines (finite automata, pushdown automata, and Turing machines) and investigate the different languages that they capture (regular, context-free, decidable, and Turing-recognizable languages). We will also briefly visit the dreaded world of unsolvable problems. The emphasis will be on developing a thorough understanding of abstract models of computation and on being able to formulate rigorous analytical arguments about them.
(Catalog Description. Prerequisite: CSE 321. Credits: 3).

These web pages will be updated throughout the quarter. Check this page frequently for possible announcements (below). Be sure to join the class mailing list and browse the email archive. To join, send a message to majordomo at cs.washington.edu, and include the following in the body of your message: subscribe cse322
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10/01/01: First day of class: Welcome!

10/05/01: Homework 1 assigned (due 10/12/01)

10/12/01: Homework 2 assigned (due 10/19/01)

10/24/01: Homework 3 assigned (due 11/02/01)

11/05/01: Mid-term exam (in class)

11/12/01: No class: University holiday

11/23/01: No class: University holiday

12/12/01: Last day of class

12/14/01: Final exam (8:30-10:20 a.m. in class)

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