CSE 321: Discrete Structures
Autumn 1998
Paul Beame and Anna Karlin


Name Email Office Hours
Instructor Paul Beame beame@cs.washington.edu MWF 11:30-11:50, Wed 2:00-3:00 or by appointment Sieg 416 543-5114
Instructor Anna Karlin karlin@cs.washington.edu MWF 11:30-11:50, Wed 2:00-3:00 or by appointment Sieg 426C 543-9344
Teaching Assistant Dan Lloyd lloyd@cs.washington.edu Tues 2:30-3:20, Wed 3:30-4:20 Sieg 226
Teaching Assistant Diane Phan dhphan@cs.washington.edu Tues 2:30-3:20, Thurs 10:30-11:20 Sieg 226


Lectures: MWF 10:30-11:20, EE1 045

Quiz AA, Th 1:30-2:20, EE1 031
Quiz AB, Th 2:30-3:20, Loew 220



Induction for recursively defined sets Postscript or Acrobat PDF or HTML formats


Homework and worksheets are intended to be a major portion of the course. Assignments will be due approximately weekly, usually on Friday. It is expected that homework solutions represent original work.

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The class mailing list is cse321@cs.washington.edu

We will use this list for announcements of general interest to the class. Students should also feel free to use it to ask questions, post information, or initiate discussions of general interest to the class. Questions or comments that are not of general interest should instead be directed to the TAs and instructor directly.

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Text Book

The text for the course is Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. The Third Edition of the text will be used. The Second Edition is very close but the exercises differ somewhat between the second and third editions of the text, so you will need to consult the third edition to make sure that you are solving the appropriate problems.


The course grade will be based on worksheets, homework, class participation, a midterm, and a final exam. The approximate weighting of the components is 45-55% worksheets/homework, 15-20% midterm and 30-35% final exam.


Chapters 1-7 will be covered. The main topics will be logic (1.1-1.3), the integers (2.3), methods of proof (3.1-3.3), counting and probability (4.1-4.5), relations (6.1-6.4), and graph theory (7.1-7.5,7.7-7.8).


Friday, November 6, in class. Closed book, no notes, no calculators. Old midterms questions study guide

Final Exam

Friday, December 11, 8:30-10:20 am, in class. Closed book, no notes, no calculators.

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