CSE 312: Foundations of Computing II, Summer 2021

Course Staff/Office Hours

In addition to the staff contact information, this page contains the most up-to-date listing of staff office hours. Office hours are subject to change, but we'll try to keep this page accurate at least a week into the future.

We are adding Office Hours in Week 1, and those that have been scheduled appear in the Zoom tab. You can put yourself on the queue for office hours here! Once the schedule settles, this paragraph will be replaced with an actual table.

If you have a general question that other students could potentially benefit from, please post on Ed. You can also set your questions to private or anonymous.

For logistical questions (such as extenuating circumstances and DRS accomodations), we ask that you post privately on Ed so the whole staff can help. Of course, do not hesitate to email Kushal directly if you would feel more comfortable doing so.

For email addresses below, @cs = @cs.washington.edu and @uw = @uw.edu.

  • Kushal Jhunjhunwalla (he/him)
  • kushaljh@cs
  • Instructor

  • Hi there! I am a recent BS/MS graduate. I have done my fair share of TAing and research during my time as a student. I absolutely love 312 and I have TAed this class for over 3 years!

    I love Swing dancing and would go for socials every week pre-pandemic. I also enjoy cooking and am always on the lookout for great TV shows so feel free to come to my OH and chat about research, TAing, food, TV or anything else! :)

  • Alice Wang (she/her)
  • alicew3@cs
  • Teaching Assistant, Section AA

  • Hello! I am a sophomore studying CS and am excited to be a TA for CSE 312 this quarter. I enjoy drawing, pin-collecting, and watching anime. Feel free to stop by in office hours to ask me anything!

  • Claris Winston (she/her)
  • clarisw@cs
  • Teaching Assistant, Section AB

  • Hi! I'm Claris, and I'm majoring in computer science. Super excited to be a TA for CSE 312 this quarter! Outside of school, I enjoy gymnastics, drawing, and composing music. Looking forward to getting to know you all this quarter :)

  • Justin Tysdal (he/him)
  • justinjt@cs
  • Teaching Assistant, Section AA

  • Hey y'all! I'm Justin, and I'm a rising junior studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I loved CSE 312 when I took it last winter, so I hope I can share some of that love with all of you! When I'm not staying up all night programming or writing proofs, you can find me cooking, reading, singing, practicing guitar, and playing osu!mania. Please don't hesitate to ask me about anything during office hours or over email! :)

  • Pascal Sturmfels (he/him)
  • psturm@cs
  • Teaching Assistant, Section AB

  • I'm a third year PhD student working in machine learning and computational biology. My work mainly focuses on interpretability, which aims to understand how machine learning models make the predictions they do.