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    Lectures will comprise of slides plus lots of white-board based discussion of definitions, proofs, and examples.

Bring a notebook to class to take notes. Lecture slides summarizing white-board discussions will be made available from time to time but not all details and examples may be present. It is therefore important you attend each class, take notes, and pay attention!

Lecture Slides and Handouts:
Lecture slides and handouts will be posted here when used in a lecture.
01/03/2011   Introduction
01/19/2011   Logic and Proofs (Chap. 1)
02/04/2011   Number Theory, Sets, and Midterm Review
02/11/2011   Applications of Number Theory
                     Python code for gcd and modpow
02/14/2011   RSA Public Key Cryptography
                     Python code for RSA
                     Java code for large primes
02/23/2011   Regular Expressions, Pumping, and Turing
                     jFLAP jar file
                     jFLAP file for a MOD 3 finite state machine
                     jFLAP file for a 30 cent vending machine
02/25/2011   Turing Machines and Undecidability
03/02/2011   Induction and Recursion
03/04/2011   Relations
03/07/2011   Boolean Algebra and Circuits
03/09/2011   Graphs and Trees
03/11/2011   Final Review

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