Intermediate Data Programming

University of Washington, Summer 2024

Yuxuan Mei


Office Hours

Fridays 10am-12pm, Allen 206

Welcome to CSE 163 (summer 2024)! Feel free to reach out to me by email. Note that the lecture content might have small changes but the overall schedule should be considered as finalized.


Module: Python

Python Fundamentals

6/17 (M)
Welcome and Control Structures
Lecture Slides
6/19 (W)
Juneteenth Holiday
6/20 (Th)
SecStrings and Lists (pre-recorded)
AsmPrimer released; related lectures: all lectures under the Python module.

Data Structures and Files

6/21 (F)
Files and Data Structures

Module: Pandas

Pandas Fundamentals

6/24 (M)
CSV Data
6/26 (W)
Data Frames
AsmPrimer initial submission
AsmPokemon released; related lectures: all lectures under “Pandas Fundamentals”.
6/27 (Th)
SecPrimer Code Review - Compare and Contrast
AsmPrimer due
6/28 (F)
Groupby and Indexing

Data Visualization

7/1 (M)
Data Visualization
7/2 (Tu)
AsmPrimer reply to TA reviews
7/3 (W)
Data Settings
AsmEducation released; related lectures: all lectures under “Data Visualization” and “Pandas Fundamentals”.
AsmPokemon due
7/4 (Th)
4th of July Holiday
7/5 (F)

Module: Software Engineering

Object-Oriented Programming

7/8 (M)
Objects (Part I)
7/9 (Tu)
AsmPokemon reply to TA reviews
7/10 (W)
Objects (Part II)
AsmEducation initial submission
7/11 (Th)
SecEducation: Code Review
AsmEducation due
7/12 (F)
Objects (Part III)
AsmSearch released; related lectures: all lectures under “Object-Oriented Programming”.
7/15 (M)
Asymptotic Analysis
7/16 (Tu)
AsmEducation reply to TA reviews

Machine Learning

7/17 (W)
Learning Algorithms
AsmSearch initial submission
PrjProject Proposal released
7/18 (Th)
SecSearch: Code Review
AsmSearch due
7/19 (F)
Model Evaluation (Part I)
7/22 (M)
Model Evaluation (Part II)
7/23 (Tu)
AsmSearch reply to TA reviews

Module: Applications

Geospatial Data

7/24 (W)
Geospatial Data
AsmMapping released; related lectures: all lectures under “Geospatial Data”.
7/25 (Th)
SecGeospatial Data Review
PrjProject Proposal due
7/26 (F)
Dissolve, Intersect, and Join

Computer Vision

7/29 (M)
7/31 (W)
AsmMapping initial submission
8/1 (Th)
SecMapping: Code Review
AsmMapping due
8/2 (F)
Neural Networks (Part I)
8/5 (M)
Neural Networks (Part II)
8/6 (Tu)
AsmMapping reply to TA reviews

Module: Project

Language Models

8/7 (W)
Language Models
8/8 (Th)
SecPrjProject Check-in
8/9 (F)
Large Language Models


8/12 (M)
Project Coworking
8/14 (W)
TA Panel (tentative)
8/15 (Th)
SecPrjProject Fair
PrjProject Report due
8/16 (F)
Next Steps