CSE 163, Summer 2021: Course Staff

This page shows all of the course staff and some information about them. To learn how to contact us in office hours, please see the pinned posts on EdStem.

profile picture of Soham Pardeshi
  • Soham Pardeshi · he/him
  • spard@cs.washington.edu
  • Course Instructor
  • Hi there! My name is Soham! I was born and raised in California for almost my whole life, except for a short period where I lived in Illinois. I did my undergrad here at the UW, where I studied philosophy and computer science. I love thinking and talking about the intersection of these two fields, especially the intersection of epistemology and classical topics in AI. I am currently pursuing my masters in computer science from the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. If you ever want to chat about any of these topics, let me know!
    I also enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. Recently, I've added a lot of adventure/fantasy novels to my audiobook library. Feel free to give me recommendations if you have any 🙂
    If you want to chat, you can always schedule a one-on-one meeting with me here.
profile picture of Madrona Maling
  • Madrona Maling · she/her
  • mkmaling@uw.edu
  • Section AA
  • Heyo, my name is Madrona! I consider Seattle and London to be my two hometowns as I was born and briefly lived in the latter but have grown up in the former. As a Seattleite I absolutely love anything outdoors... camping and white water rafting are some of my favorite things to do. To reset, I love going up into the mountains and laying under the stars. I also consider myself a poet and a potter (in two senses) and have really gotten into working with clay over quarantine.
    I am a sophomore computer science major who is looking to minor in data science, partly because of how much I love this class! I took this class my freshman year and didn't expect to TA so early in my college career, but the excellent professing of Hunter and the interesting material in this course pulled me in, so here I am 3 quarters later! Feel free to pop by my office hours to ask any questions or to just chat!!
profile picture of Rit Shah
  • Rit Shah · he/him
  • rhshah@uw.edu
  • Section AA
  • Hello all, my name is Rit and I have been TAing for 4 quarters!
profile picture of Karen Velderrain-Lopez
  • Karen Velderrain-Lopez · she/her
  • karenv16@uw.edu
  • Section AB
  • Hi y'all!! I'm Karen and I am a second year majoring in Computer Engineering. I was born and raised here in Redmond and my favorite parts of the PNW are the coffee and the boba. Before, back to when being on-campus was a thing, I'd be at Parnassus or exploring new places on the Ave with my friends. Currently, I am trying to read more, improve my cooking and coffee-making skills, and work on more crafting and embroidery projects - specifically actually finishing a piece 😅.
    CSE 163 was my first CSE class here at the UW and I had an amazing experience; it's what helped push me to apply to CompE, and although it can be tough at times, it was definitely the right choice for me.
    Come by to chat about anything above or anything else - I'm sure we have at least something in common 😊
profile picture of Alex Eidt
  • Alex Eidt · he/him
  • eidta@uw.edu
  • Section AB
  • Hi! My name is Alex and I'm a junior in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Digital Signal Processing. I'm from the greater Seattle area and this will be my first quarter as a TA!
    I'm really into data visualization (especially in Python) so if you're interested feel free to talk! Whenever I'm free, I'll usually be biking, playing basketball, coding up some new project or learning new songs on the piano.
profile picture of Paul Pham
  • Paul Pham · he/him/his
  • pkdpham@uw.edu
  • Section AC
  • I was born and raised in the Greater Seattle area so it only seemed fitting that I pursue my undergrad at UW! Originally, I was pursuing computer science, but after some soul searching, I realized what I'm really passionate about is computing education! After that, everything seemed to fall into place, so now I am working towards a double-degree in Informatics and Education, Communities, and Organizations (ECO). I also had incredible TAs in 14x, 163, and 373 that encouraged me to become a TA, so here I am — and I'm loving every minute.
    163 was a class that really changed the game for me because turned the corner from foundational and abstract to more concrete, and I think the applications of what we learn are so cool. It's a deep dive, but it's also so much fun! If you ever want to chat about any of my — or our :o — interests, just let me know! Ask me about computing ed, teaching, social justice, music, The Office, or my (physically, mentally, and financially) unhealthy obsession with cooking and coffee.
profile picture of Ryan Siu
  • Ryan Siu · he/him
  • ras371@uw.edu
  • Section AC
  • Hi there! I was born and raised in Northern California where I developed a keen interest in good food and videogames. I came to UW right out of high school pursuing a degree in CS and TAing for a few quarters along the way. In my free time I’ve been brushing up on my soup-making skills and learning how to record some songs. Feel free to ask me about music, cooking, or anything at all.