CSE 163, Spring 2019: Regrades


A reminder about our regrades policy:


If you feel you were incorrectly penalized on a homework assignment, please request a regrade directly on Gradescope. Regrades will be accepted up to one week after the feedback for that assignment has been released.


You may request to have your exam regraded, but when you do so, you are submitting it for a complete regrade. Your score may potentially go down as a result. For example, you might get points back on one exam question only to find that you should have lost points on some other exam question.

Please submit regrades by the following dates:

  • Exam 1: Regrades will open Tuesday 5/14 at 8pm and will close one week later on Tuesday 5/20 at 8pm.
  • Exam 2: Regrades will be open Tuesday 6/11 at noon and will close one week later on Tuesday 6/18 at noon.

If you believe a problem was incorrectly graded, you must include the following information in the regrade request for that problem if applicable:

  • In your description of why you think it was graded incorrectly, you MUST reference specific points in the criteria. Regrade requests that do not specifically mention criteria points may be denied.
  • If you think your solution did not receive enough partial credit, it may help to describe what changes you would need to make to your solution to get it working.
  • If you think there was an issue with the scan of your exam, indicate so in the regrade request and Hunter will check back to the original paper exam.