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staff icon Jeremy Lipschutz jeremyl2
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AA staff icon Evan Deiparine edeipa Hey everyone! I'm Evan, I am from Shoreline, Washington, and I am in my fourth year at UW. Outside of CSE, I'm interested in music, music production, marching band, and lifting. I'm excited to TA for you all this quarter!
AB staff icon Porter Jones pbjones Hey all, my name is Porter and I'm super excited to TA 143 this summer and hopefully get to know many of you! I enjoy doing a wide range of things, including pretty much anything outside with friends, gardening, cooking, baking, and reading.
AC staff icon Raymond Berry berryr5 Hey All! I'm Raymond and I'm a C.S. major who grew up in Oregon. In my free time I like to play games, (video and board). I also enjoy going on hikes. Oregon has some of the best hiking trails :)
AD staff icon Joanie Foley jfoley8 Hi everyone!! I am a CS major from Redmond, WA and I'm super excited to TA this quarter. I love anything and everything outdoorsy, and am always looking to try new things. I also love to travel and see new places around the world (except during Covid...). I can't wait to work with you and get to know you this quarter!!
AE staff icon May Wang maywangg Hi, I'm May! I'm from Alberta, Canada, and I'm currently studying computer science. I love listening to music, watching Netflix, hanging out with my pets, and drinking bubble tea (I like to get no sugar and double pearls). I'm excited to meet you all this quarter!
AF staff icon Andy Zheng succion Hey everyone, Andy here! I was born in China, but I lived in Canada and the US also. I love watching animation, eating/drinking mushroom soup, and long walks -(on the beach)- on the UW campus listening to audiobooks. I am excited to make this quarter fun for y'all!
AG staff icon Neel Jog njog02 Hey guys! This is Neel, and I'm really excited to be TAing for 143 this quarter and getting to know you all a bit more :) I am an avid sports enthusiast and a huge soccer and tennis aficionado (FC Barcelona/Messi and Federer all the way). I also love hiking and going on long walks in the mountains. Please feel free to contact me or come to Office Hours if you ever have any questions (or just want to talk)!
AH staff icon Joe Spaniac jspaniac Hey everyone! My name is Joe and I'm a Junior student studying CS and Drama (specifically interested in lighting design). Of course, this means I'm a huge theatre nerd so feel free to tell me your favorite show if I ever see you in OH! Other than that, I'm super excited to get to know all of you remotely this quarter!
AI staff icon Anthony Chung achung99 Hey everyone, my name is Anthony! I am a third-year studying CS with a minor in ELS. I like to spend my free time drinking boba and eating tacos. My go-to boba fluctuates between an oolong milk tea or a ginger milk tea. I look forward to a great quarter with all of you!
AJ staff icon Chloe Fong cf2024 Sup folks! I am
Currently crafting creative compositions
Hunting for good Netflix shows to binge watch this summer (recommendations are welcome)
LinkedList's best frenemy
Obsessed with baking and eating macarons
Excited for an awesome quarter in CSE 143!

Feel free to stop by my office hours to chat with me (and get help, duh)