Message Board

Access the message board here

NOTE: You will only be able to access the message board using your google account.

If you have a personal google account, it may be necessary for you to switch to your account to view the message board. To switch to your account, follow the instructions below:

Open the Message Board in a new tab.

If you are using a personal google account it will tell you that "You must be a member...":

If this happens, look at the bottom of that section for "You can also try viewing this page as..." and see if your account is listed. If it is, click it and you should be taken to the message board.

If it is not, you will need to log in to your google account ( To do this click on your account's profile image at the top right of the page:

If your account is listed in the popup, select it and skip to the last sentence of these instructions to access the message board.

If your account is not listed, click "Add Account":

Then on the new page click "Use another account", and log in to your account.

Return to the Message Board page, click on your profile image at the top right and select your account.

Then click "My Groups" and you should see the group listed there. Click on it to access the message board.

If you cannot access the message board after following the instructions above, please contact Jonathan Sanders at