Regrade Policy

You may request to have your homework regraded, but when you do so, you are submitting it for a complete regrade. Your score can go down as a result. For example, you might get back a point on an assignment that shouldn't have been taken off but you might lose other points that should have been taken off.

Students should first discuss homework grading with their individual TA. If you aren't sure why you lost a point or if you disagree with the TA's evaluation, you should start by talking to your TA to see if you can resolve it directly. If not, you can request a regrade.

Note that a homework regrade request form should only be filled out if you think that your TA did not grade consistently with other TA's. You should not submit a regrade request if you think that the criteria itself is unfair as the criteria with which all TA's are grading by is decided by the instructor and the TA's collectively. We cannot change the criteria for a single student if they submit a regrade request.

For homework regrade requests, fill out the Homework Regrade Request Form within one week of receiving your grade.