Regrade Policy

You may request to have your work regraded, but when you do so, you are submitting it for a complete regrade. Your score can go down as a result. For example, you might get back a point on an assignment that shouldn't have been taken off but you might lose other points that should have been taken off. Or you might get points back on one exam question only to find that you should have lost points on some other exam question.

Homework and exams are graded differently and so regrade requests are handled differently for each:

You are required to test your exam solutions for certain programming problems before turning them in for a regrade. You can use the following testing programs to do so:

You can use these testing programs to find out how close your solution is to being correct. If you find that your solution was either correct or close to being correct, then turn in your correct solution to our catalyst dropbox and then in your note to Stuart, describe how close you were to having the right answer. You still have to turn in your original exam to have the regrade take place. Please note: This is not an opportunity to turn in a second answer. It is intended to allow you to show how close your original answer was to being right. You are not to change the answer you wrote on your exam paper.