Each week you will complete problem(s) to turn in at your section. Most weeks there will be problems posted for both Tuesday's and Thursday's section. You must complete at least one problem set per week to earn +3 points for that week. You must earn a total of 20 points for the quarter to receive full credit. Additional points beyond these 20 do not affect your grade, but you are welcome to complete every set of problems if you like. (These points become part of your homework grade; each weekly homework assignment is worth 40 points, so all of the section points for the quarter combine to equal roughly half the weight of one homework assignment.)

You will not be graded on whether you have a perfect solution, but on whether you have demonstrated effort. Therefore please show some work that demonstrates how you got the answer rather than just writing the answer by itself. We will be somewhat lenient about exactly how the work is shown. If you find that you have been working on these problems for more than 30 minutes, please stop and indicate this on your paper. Incomplete solutions can still receive credit.

Section 4: Binary search (Tue Jan 17)

Problems: Solve the following three (3) problems on paper (hand-written or printed) and bring your sheet of paper to your section:

  1. Self-Check 13.7 (p817): Why does the binary search ... (One sentence is fine.)
  2. Self-Check 13.8 (p817): How many elements (at most) does a binary search examine ... (Give a number as your answer and briefly explain why you chose that answer in one or two sentences.)
  3. Self-Check 9.4 (p617): Explain the difference ... (One or two sentences is fine.)