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Welcome to Intro. to Computer Programming I!

To learn more about the policies and structure for this class, please check the course syllabus


July 27th: CSE190X/Y moved to 12-1pm in MGH 334 starting 6/28

Due to staffing and registration numbers, the CSE190 labs are being moved to 12:00-1:00pm in Mary Gates Hall 334, starting tomorrow (6/28). See the Ed announcement below for more details

Link Here for more information

July 24th: Ed Access Issues // Checkpoint 1 due Sunday, June 26th

Due to some Ed access issues, the deadline for Checkpoint 1 has been extended to Sunday, June 26th. If you are having Ed access issues, try (1) resetting the password to get the invitation link sent again and (2) setting up your UW Google account (link below) and turning off email forwarding so that when you try (1) again, the link gets sent to the separate UW account. If you have issues after that, email Ana.

Link Here for more information

July 20th: Welcome to CSE 142!

Welcome to CSE 142 for Summer 2022! We are so excited to have you in the class. See the Ed announcement below for details about the first day of the quarter (optional lab Tuesday 6/21) and our first lecture (Wednesday 6/22).

Link Here for more information

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This Week

Week 3: Interactive programs, returns, and Math class
Mon, Jul 4

University Holiday - Independence Day (observed)

Tue, Jul 5
Lab 3

Parameters, Scanners, Strings

Wed, Jul 6
Lesson 6

Scanners and Strings

Students will be able to...
  • define and call methods using parameters to improve structure
  • write interactive programs using Scanner
  • use String methods in an interactive program
Thu, Jul 7
Section 3

Parameters, Strings, Scanners

Fri, Jul 8
Lesson 7

Return values; Math class

Students will be able to...
  • define and call methods that return values
  • use methods from the Math class
  • understand good functional decomposition