This page lists the section topics for each week, as well as the section homework that is due at the beginning of section each week.

Written Assignments

Each week we will assign a written homework assignment to be turned in and discussed in section. These are meant as "warm up" problems to get you thinking about the topics we cover that week. It will be graded for effort, not for whether or not you have the right answers. You will receive 1 point for each written assignment you bring to section, and 2 points for attendance. The maximum number of section attendance/hw points that you can receive is 20. As a guideline, we expect you to spend around 30 to 60 minutes on section homework each week. If you find yourself spending much more than that, you can stop working for that week and let your TA know that you ran out of time. If this becomes a common occurrence, talk to your TA about what you might be struggling with.

You will not be graded on whether you have a perfect solution, but on whether you have demonstrated a reasonable effort. Therefore, you should show work that demonstrates how you got your answer rather than just writing the answer by itself.