Please e-mail us with questions or feedback. You may also use this anonymous form which goes directly to Zorah.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, Feb 10 Midterm exam 5:00pm-6:15 pm in KNE 110/120/130.
  • Wednesday, March 15: Final exam 12:30pm-2:20 pm in KNE 110/120/130.


  • [03-10] Exam seat assignments are:
    • Kane 110 (sections A5, AA, AC, AD, AE, AH, AO, AP, AU): list, map
    • Kane 120 (All B sections): list, map
    • Kane 130 (sections A1, A2, A3, A4, AB, AF, AG, AI, AJ, AK, AL, AN, AQ, AS, AT, AV, AX, AY, AZ): list, map
    Please email if you have any questions regarding the seating chart.
  • [03-06] There will be an optional Final Review session lead by the TAs on Tuesday, Mar 14, at 4:30PM-6:20PM in ARC 147.
  • [03-06] Please fill out the course evaluation form. You should have received an email with a link.
  • [02-18] The IPL will be closed on Monday, Feb 20 for Presidents' Day.
  • [02-13] The IPL will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, Feb 13 and 14th.
  • [01-13] The IPL will be closed on Monday, Jan 16, for the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday.
  • [01-11] Quiz section room changes:
    section AQ will now meet in room JHN 026
    section A3 will now meet in room MGH 295
    section BC will now meet in room SAV 162
  • [01-04] If you have any conflicts with the Feb 10th midterm date, please email me by Monday, Jan. 9th
  • [12-31] Welcome to CSE 142! Registration for the CSE 190 Lab is now open.