Academic misconduct: You must work individually on all homework assignments. We check against all students from this quarter and from past quarters going back many years. An accusation can lead to reduced grades or hearings with a misconduct committee. Please be careful. We have accused the following number of students of violating the policy on the given assignments:
  • HW3:   4 students
  • HW4: 35 students
  • HW5: 23 students
  • HW6: 14 students

"I need help with my homework!"

  • There is probably someone in the IPL today, or maybe Hélène or Marty has office hours. If so, go see them.
  • Check the message board; your question may have been answered there.
  • Read the relevant chapters and sections of the textbook, or watch the textbook "online portal" videos if you have access to them.
  • Look at the in-class lecture examples.
  • Look at this week's section handout problems and their solutions.
  • Start early! We get swamped the day assignments are due.
  • Don't panic. You have late days, and even if you run out, it is only -1 point for each day late.