Students can sign up for an optional "CSE 190" programming lab for a 5th CSE credit to supplement their the CSE 142 course. In this lab, each student will work at a computer for 80 minutes once per week to solve programming problems. TAs will be present to help answer questions.

Lab 9: Inheritance and Critters (Tue June 1) - our last lab!

Lab 7: Arrays (Tue May 18)

Lab 4: if/else, Scanner, and return (Tue Apr 20)

  • Check your output for several of the lab problems using Practice-It!.

Lab 3: Parameters and Graphics (Tue Apr 13)

  • Output Comparison Tool is not needed for this lab. Check your output for the parameter problems using Practice-It!, and check your output for the graphical / DrawingPanel problems from within the DrawingPanel by clicking File, Compare to Web File....

Lab 2: Expressions, Variables, and Loops (Tue Apr 6)

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Lab 1: Java Basics (Tue Mar 30)

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Labs description:

CSE 142 is a 4-credit course. But many students feel that the workload or difficulty of the class is more like that of a 5-credit course. Some students want extra help or extra practice working with CSE 142 material, and/or they wish they could get that 5th credit that they probably deserve for their work. To address this need, we have created an optional 1-credit lab called CSE 190 that is meant to accompany CSE 142. If you sign up for the 190 lab, every Tuesday morning you would go to a lab in Mary Gates Hall and work on CSE problems at a computer for 80 minutes each week.

There is not any "homework" from 190, and it is strictly a CR/NC pass/fail session. You get the marks simply by showing up and working on the problems. TAs from our course will be there walking around and helping everyone and answering questions. Our hope is that it would be a relaxed atmosphere open to collaboration, sharing information, asking questions, working together, etc.

190 will be a way for students to get extra practice and become more comfortable with 142's material, to help them do better on the homeworks and exams and generally perform well in CSE 142. It is optional, and space is limited to around 90-100 students for now (though we may add another section if it's popular enough). If you would like a 5th credit and some extra practice and help, please sign up for 190! You can sign up using the normal UW online system.

Note that our sessions are CSE 190 sections "H" and "I" (not section "A", which is a different seminar session). The labs take place on Tuesdays at 10:30 - 11:50am and 12:00pm - 1:20pm. Here's the link to the University time schedule with more info about the times/places:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the lab sessions

Q: Can I please add the lab to my UW schedule, even though I have a course conflict that would cause me to miss the first/last 20 minutes of it?
A: Sorry, no. We can't add you to the lab or give you credit for it if you have another course at the same time.
Q: Can I just come and sit in on the lab, even if I'm not registered for it?
A: Only if there is a free seat available. The later lab session is already full, so there may not be any seats. You might be able to work along if you brought your own laptop.
Q: If I'm not enrolled in the lab, can I work on the lab exercises on my own at home?
A: Yes, certainly. We won't grade your work, but you can look at the problems and try to solve them on your own.
Q: (For students enrolled in the lab) Do I have to finish all of the lab exercises?
A: No. Just work on as many problems as you can finish during the lab session.
Q: Can I bring my own laptop to the lab sessions?
A: Yes, certainly. Though if you have a problem setting up your laptop, we can't promise that we'll be able to help you. You might have to fall back to using a lab machine if you can't get yours to work.