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CSE 142: Computer Programming I, Summer 2008

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Homework 1 (Song) FAQ

Q: Will this solution get 10 / 10 points? Is this the style you want? Are these methods okay? Will I get marked off for this method?
A: These are inappropriate questions. We call this "pre-grading." The TA won't look over your entire program for mistakes or tell you exactly what things you will get marked off for. We'll grade you on the guidelines in the homework document, and we can help you with specific issues but cannot evaluate your entire program.
Q: The assignment writeup says your sample solution has X methods and Y lines. I don't have exactly that many. What have I done wrong? Will I be marked off?
A: You don't have to exactly match our counts. They are just there as a sanity check. If your numbers are WAY off from ours, you may be solving the problem in the wrong way.
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