Sam Wolfson

Where did you grow up? What was your academic path?

I grew up right here in Seattle! I've always loved taking things apart, trying to fix them when they inevitably break, and figuring out how they work in the process. This path of problem-solving eventually led me to computers, and that led me to UW.

What was your first exposure to computer science?

I started taking apart and trying to fix computers when I was in elementary school. Then, in middle school, I ran a Minecraft server, from which I learned about Linux, networking, and a bit of programming. And from then on, I was hooked...

What gets you most excited about computer science?

I love that computer science is so universally useful. No matter what your field, you can use computers to make some process faster, easier, or more effective. Computers are really just dumb calculators, but we've managed to turn them into these amazingly useful devices with a lot of creative programming.

What are some of your hobbies, talents, and skills?

I love to ski (and will hopefully be able to do some this quarter!) I'm also a decent guitar player and I'm learning how to pick locks. Over break, my roommate and I built a new kitchen island so that we can bake more bread. Learn about my adventures with sourdough here!

What will be consuming your time this quarter?

Teaching this class, keeping up with my other courses, trying to find time for skiing ❄️⛷ and guitar 🎸, and doing course development!