Eunia Lee

Where did you grow up? What was your academic path?

I was born and raised in Washington! Specifically I grew up in Mukilteo and Sammamish and graduated from Eastlake High School. Currently I am a junior studying computer science.

What was your first exposure to computer science?

Originally I took an Intro to CS class at my high school to fulfill a graduation requirement. To my surprise, I liked programming and decided that I wanted to do something like it in the future. (At that point I thought I was going to major in chemistry or maybe bioengineering). After taking CSE 142/143 at UW, I decided computer science was what I wanted to focus on in my undergraduate career!

What gets you most excited about computer science?

I'm excited to see the new applications of computer science and where it goes from here! Throughout high school, I loved seeing the intersections of completely different subjects or skills. Whether it was ways that my English class connected to music or my stoichiometry skills could be used in baking, there were always connections. I see computer science as a piece that fits in every puzzle. It connects to law, medicine, music, art and so much more. I hope to teach computer science principles and help others build bridges from their passions to computer science!

What are some of your hobbies, talents, and skills?

Talents include watching lots of Netflix and Disney+ (High School Musical the Musical the Series is great), making TikToks and taking food pictures.

What will be consuming your time this quarter?

When I'm not in the CS labs doing homework, I'll probably be planning social events for the Allen School or doing computer science outreach to students K-12 in Washington State! Beside that I'll be TA-ing this class.