Lecture Slides, CSEP590b, Spring 2008

Lecture Date Topic PPT Slides PDF Handouts PDF Handouts (B & W) Slides with Ink Student Submissions
Lecture 1 April 2 Course introduction (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 2 April 9 Rural Internet Kiosks (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 3 April 16 Telemedicine (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 4 April 23 Rural Internet, SMS (PPT, Richard) (PPT, Umar) (PDF, Richard) (PDF, Umar) (PDF, Richard) (PDF, Umar)    
Lecture 5 April 30 ICT and Agriculture (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 6 May 7 Mobile Devices and Health (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 7 May 12 Multiple topics (PPT, Anokwa) (PPT, Pal) (PDF, Anokwa) (PDF, Pal)      
Lecture 8 May 21 Education (PPT) (PDF) (PDF) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 9 May 28 Data Collection, UI (PPT, Parikh) (PDF, Parikh) (PPT, Anderson) (PDF, Parikh) (PDF, Anderson) (PDF, Anderson) (HTML) (HTML)
Lecture 10 June 4 Text Free UI (PPT, Anderson) (PPT, Utzschneider) (PPTX, Utzschneider) (CP3, Utzschneider) (PDF, Anderson) (PDF, Utzschneider) (PDF, Anderson) (HTML)