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 CSEP 590B Book Review Assignment
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Book Reviews

During the quarter you will be asked to read and write a review on two books related to development and the themes from the course. A book review is both a description of the topic of the book but also a critical analysis of its content. You should state the topic of the book but also provide a personal response. Consider the following structure for a book review.
  1. What is the theme or thesis of the book?
  2. What are the main arguments the author states in the book?
  3. What are your responses or reactions to the arguments: do you find them compelling, contradictory, well thought out, problematic? What do you agree or disagree with?
  4. How does the book's topic or content relate to the course themes?
  5. What role computing technology would play in addressing issues raised by the book?
Due date: April 30 and June 4
Length: 2000 words (About 4 pages single spaced)
Assessment: You will be assessed on clarity of concepts, completeness, thoughtfulness of your response and your ability to link the book content to course themes.

Select two books from the following list, and write reviews which discuss how the subject of the book relates the topic of the course. Book reviews should be about 2000 words in length. Due dates for the book reports are April 30 and June 4 (but you are encouraged to complete and submit them earlier).

Book List

Substitutions are permitted with approval of the instructor.

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