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Classroom Presenter
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    Classroom Presenter is a Tablet PC based interaction system that we have developed at University of Washington (building on work that was started at Microsoft Research). The basic idea is that students can annotated lecture slides and send the results back to the instructor, and the instructor can then integrate the results into the classroom discussion. We have used the system in a significant number of our undergraduate courses, but this will be the first time we have tried using the system in one of our PMP distance courses to support student submissions. We hope that the use of Classroom Presenter will provide a channel of communication that makes it easier for students at the remote site to be actively engaged in the class.

The way that Classroom Presenter works is students run the CP3 application on their laptops or Tablet PCs which provides a syncronized view of the instructors slides. The student can then annotate on slides (with pen/mouse or with text) and send the results back to instructor. The instructor previews the students submissions and selectively displays them for classroom discussion. This allows exercises or activities to be embedded in the lecture slide deck and done in class.

Although Classroom Presenter initially targetted Tablet PCs, it runs on XP and Vista laptops as well. The CP3 application can be installed from our website (a specific build will be posted before the first class). We will want you to install this on your personal machines. Unfortunately, we do not have a Mac compatible version. Our model for doing activities in class is to have multiple students working together, so it will not be necessary to have 100% of the students running classroom presenter (maybe 33% would be the ideal number). Since this is the first time we have tried using Classroom Presenter in a PMP course, there may be some technicological issues to deal with. Our current plan is to set up a wireless network at the redmond lecture that you will connect to.

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