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CSEP590A: Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography
Winter 2011

Welcome to Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography, Winter 2011
University of Washington CSEP590A



Basic Facts:


There is no assigned textbook for this course but you might find one or more of the following texts useful:

Homework Assignments:

All assignments are to be turned in using the UW Catalyst "Collect It" system. Click here for the course dropbox in Collect It.

Assignments will be posted every week before class, and will be due one week later, before class. No late submissions will be accepted, as the problems will be discussed during lecture.

The assignments are posted in PDF formats.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF reader available for a wide variety of platforms, you can find it here.  Postscript can be viewed with Ghostview (on Unix/Linux machines), GSView (on Windows) or MacGSView (for Macs); all of which may be found here.


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