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  CSE P590AAu '08:  CSEP 590A Lecture 9 Video
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Video: If the embed below doesn't work for you, perhaps try direct access to the .mp4 file.

Slides: The slide .pdfs are here: 1-up, 4-up.

Slide numbers: In the video, the slides are not visible. I tried to mention slide numbers periodically, so you can synchronize the slide PDF with the video. Numbers mentioned are the numbers shown on the slides, which are generally greater than the slide numbers in the PDF file, since Powerpoint numbers hidden slides as well as visible ones. Also, the slides I took from Elizabeth appear out of order in the PDF file. These (unnumbered) slides are the last 23 slides in the PDF file (PDF slides 84-106), but were discussed just after the break, between slides numbered 99 and 109 (physical slides 67 and 68). (Contrary to what I said on the tape, you do not need to add 23 to slide numbers above 109.)

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