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A variety of common questions:

  1. What are the "Reading Blogs" and how are they graded?

  1. Q.  What are the "Reading Blogs" and how are they graded?

    A:   You are expected to have read the assigned papers/text book sections for the class before the class meeting; the material is complex enough that you will fall quickly behind if you are not prepared.

    This quarter we will be doing things a bit differently than you might be used to. Instead of asking each of you to write a summary for each of the papers over the quarter, the class will write a collective review for the reading in this course.

    How this works: by 5:30pm on the day of each class, please log onto the message board web site (note you'll need your UW-NetID login and password), read the prior posts for that week, and then add some useful comment to the threads for that week. Typically there will be one thread per paper and section of the book. The comments you post can/should be brief -- e.g., just a couple sentences -- that adds something to the ongoing discussion in that thread. Examples include: the main idea of the paper, a list of pro's, a list of con's, an example of why you think the approach would/would not work, a flaw in the evaluation, a comparison to some alternate approach, a pointer to some followup work you found on the web, an application of the idea that's now in practice, potential cross-fertilization with other ares of Computer Science. Try to avoid simple "me too" posts; we're not voting. "I agree with X because..." or "I (politely) disagree with X because..." are perfectly fine.

    Prior to class, make sure to read the rest of the blog.

    Your posts to the blog will be lightly graded, using a zero, check, check+ scale. As long as you say something that has some detail in relation to the paper, that's worth a check. A post that says simply, "Me, too" or "I was confused," unamplified, will be given a zero. Check+'s are given to people who do more than just post a summary of the paper and contribute to the discussion. This can include raising a question or resolving a previous poster's question or confusion. Relating the paper to a current or past project will also merit a check+. Posting links to other papers, powerpoint slides, etc. also earn the bonus, as will addressing explicit "extra credit" steps laid out in some of the assignments.

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