IT & Public Policy, Autumn 2004
Course Project Papers

1. Does IT Matter?
1a. What About IT Really Matters?
3. Government Policies on Open Source
4. Perspectives on the Securitiy of Open Source Software
5. The Future of E-Voting
6. Database Protection: Its Forms and Their Effects
7. The Impact of Outsourcing on IT Workers and the Role of Public Policy
8. Cyber-Terrorism
9. IT Abroad
10. Outsourcing: Past, Present and Future
11. IT Offshoring: Economic and Policy Analysis
12. An Investigation of How Commercial Software Companies Should React to Open Source Software
13. Attack and Defense: Improving Cybersecurity by 2014
14. Applicability of Patent Protection to Software Inventions
15. DMCA: A Balanced Public Policy Brief
16. Open Source Motivations
17. An Unequivocal Right to Privacy: The Best Protection Against Unwarranted Data Collection and Profiling
18. Encryption Use and Policy