Computing Information

Programming work my be done on Windows or Unix machines. Your project can use any programming language and software tools you desire. Some of the short assignments may require Java; please be sure a copy of the latest Sun Java SDK is installed on your computer.

Some of the binary programs we provide for Windows may require that you have the Cygwin DLL installed in either your Windows directory or the current working directory. You may choose to download just the DLL or the entire Cygwin environment, which also provides a full set of Unix-based tools, from

The experimental portions of the assignments will require you to write shell scripts (for example, to run and time a program a 1,000 different times). Windows users could use the bash or csh shells from the Cygwin environment, or other scripting languages such as Perl or VB.

A list of the computer labs and instructions for account access are also available. A FAQ for PMP students is also available.