Winter, 2004

Reference Texts

This course covers a wide range of topics that you can't find in one book.  I will hand out notes, survey papers, exerpts from books and research papers as source material.

I am recommending the following textbook for those who feel they need lots of review of digital design.  This text covers it all, along with a pretty good treatment of designing with Verilog.  It's not cheap, but there should be used copies available.

    Stephen Brown and
Zvonko Vranesic, Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design, 1st Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2003

There are many other texts that cover digital design. Here are a few: Katz has become a standard text and discusses the role of CAD and programmable devices. This has been used in our undergraduate courses, so it should be easy to find. Mano is another standard text that is a good alternative to Katz. Wakerly is a more traditional nuts-and-bolts text that uses standard parts, but it has lots examples and exercises. McCluskey gives a more formal treatment of logic design.

    Randy Katz.
Contemporary Logic Design. Benjamin Cummings.

    Morris Mano Digital Design. Prentice Hall.
    John F. Wakerly. Digital Design Principles and Practices. Prentice Hall.
    Edward J. McCluskey. Logic Design Principles. Prentice Hall.

There are no really good books on Verilog and hardware design languages but Thomas and Sternheim are reasonable standard texts.

    D. Thomas and P. Moorby. The Verilog Hardware Description Language. Kluwer Academic.
    E. Sternheim, R. Singh, Y. Trivedi, R. Madhavan, and W. Stapleton. Digital Design and Synthesis With Verilog HDL. Automata Publishing.

Other Resources

The Atmel AVR Website


AVR Instruction Set (148 pages, updated 8/021) 

AVRGCC Guides & Manuals

Brief introduction to AVR Programming.

List of Verilog useful links

Xilinx website

MicroBlaze Reference Guide with Instruction Set

MicroBlaze Embedded Development Kit Reference

MicroBlaze Drivers Reference

Verilog manual

Oscilloscope Tutorial

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