CSE P 564:  Computer Security (Winter 2015)

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Given the nature of the assignments and the plans for the class sessions, all the assignments must be submitted on time.


Course Schedule

The following is the course schedule.  Details for dates two weeks in the future are subject to change.  If you have travel or other obligations and need to review papers more than two weeks in advance, please let the course staff know.

Jan 6:  Course overview, including threat modeling

Jan 13: Authentication (updated)

Jan 20:  Users and Security Reviews (updated)

Jan 27:  Criminal Ecosystems (updated)

Feb 3:  Targeted Attacks (updated)

Feb 10:  Crypto (updated)

Feb 17:  Phones and Systems (updated)

Feb 24: Privacy Attacks and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (updated)

March 3:  Web Tracking and Emerging Technologies (updated)

March 10:  Topic TBD, but no papers