Agenda (Rev 2)


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Agenda (Rev 2)

Week 5: Congestion vs. QoS Coping with Rush Hour on the Info Highway

But first… it’s time for more Gray’s Networking Nuggets

Part 1: The Performing Arts

Performance Metrics

Delay vs. Bandwidth

Measuring Throughput


Performance Elements

Policies vs. Performance (Jain)

Other Performance Factors…

Part 2: Congestion Obsession

Decreasing Offered Load

Not a new problem…

Flow vs. Congestion Control

Load Shedding aka Discard Policy

Queuing Disciplines (packet scheduling)

Taxonomy #1 (Zhang)

Taxonomy #2 (Yang & Reddy)


Implicit Feedback

Explicit Feedback

Congestion Avoidance

Two Examples

TCP Flow/Congestion Control

TCP Performance vs. Loss Curtis Villamizar

Layer Interactions

Part 3: Better than “Best Effort” Integrated Services & Bandwidth-on-Demand

Making little pipes from big ones -Bandwidth sharing, but how dynamic?

Switching Techniques redux

Real-Time Applications

QoS Application Examples

QoS Goals

QoS: How much is enough?

QoS: There is no Free Lunch

QoS Elements/Strategies

Flow Specifications

Example Flow Spec (RFC1363)

Traffic Shaping

ATM Service Classes

RSVP Service Classes

RSVP Design Goals

RSVP Design Principles

Alternative Transport: RTP

ATM “Flow” Control

Peterson&Davie Comparison of RSVP & ATM

Open QoS Issues

QoS Alternatives


Author: Terry Gray -- CSE 588


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