Agenda (Rev 1)


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Table of Contents

Agenda (Rev 1)

Loose Ends...

Week 3: Architecture & Topology Trends

Technology/Usage Trends

Backbone Design Issues

Core Network Elements everything except the end-systems

Name Resolution

Host Configuration

Problems with DHCP

Data (Web) Caching

Data Transport

Multimedia Support

Performance Elements

High-Speed Technologies

Ethernet Performance Levels

ATM Performance Levels

Next-step Desktop Connectivity

Case Study: UW’s Campus Network

UW’s Network Problem “Death of the net predicted; film at eleven”

More Demanding Applications

Scaling Considerations

UW Network History

UW Node Growth

UW Backbone Traffic

UW Key Decisions

UW Topology Evolution

UW Current Backbone Topology

UW Building Infrastructure

UW Future Topology Choices

Should we…

Where to put Layer 3 Functionality?

Decision Criteria


Author: Terry Gray -- CSE 588


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