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Week 2: Switching vs. Routing

Network Ingredients bits, boxes, wires and waves…

Switching Techniques

Packet Protocol Families

The Network Core: Layers 1-3

Data Link Elements ala IEEE 802 and ISO 8802

Data Link Choices

Choosing Ethernet? Welcome to the World of 802.3

But wait! There’s more… Ethernet Frame Formats

Mapping Layers to Boxes


What’s Really on the Wire?

Network Addresses/Identifiers

Address Properties

Two Ethernet Frame Layouts

Ethernet/IP/TCP Example

Inside the Boxes

Connecting Different Kinds of Links Can we handle differences in...

What goes on Inside the Box?

What goes on Inside the Box -2

Routing Approaches

Packet Classifying/Labeling

The Key Debate

Switching & Routing Tradeoffs

Services, Addresses, & Layers

Layering Questions

Services based on Layer 2 addresses

Services based on Layer 3 addresses/ports

Layer 3 services that are showing up in switches:

Layer 3 “Switching”

IP Switching

Where do VLANs fit?

Those New-Fangled Boxes

More Gray’s Networking Nuggets

Author: Terry Gray -- CSE 588


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