Dr. Terry Gray

Terry Gray is the Director of Networks and Distributed Computing at the University of Washington (UW), and an Affiliate Professor in the UW Computer Science & Engineering Department. Prior to coming to UW in 1988, he was Vice President of Engineering for the Bridge Communications Division of 3Com Corporation.

His earlier professional experience includes work at Bell Laboratories, Ampex Corporation, and many years in the UCLA Computer Science Department, first as a graduate student, and later in both faculty and staff roles. He received a BS in Electronic Engineering from Northrop Institute of Technology in 1967 and a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA in 1978.

For over 20 years his principal focus has been on distributed system architecture, but he has also published work in computer security, software engineering, distributed operating system design, network job control, and electronic mail systems. His primary responsibility at UW is to foster development of a high-availability network computing environment that encompasses four prevailing desktop computing environments (Macs, PCs, Unix workstations, and X terminals), and provides convenient access to both campus and world-wide information resources.

Additionally, Dr. Gray is a regular contributor to activities of the Internet Engineering Task Force, including chairing the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) working group, and he has performed a leadership role in the operations management and engineering of NorthWestNet, the original Internet service provider in the Pacific Northwest, serving Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.