Discussion Questions

Here are the questions for this paper; pick any one question, and post to the dropbox.

  1. The spanning tree algorithm was designed to work correctly despite various things that might go wrong. Describe a fault, how it is handled, and whether it produces a desirable outcome. You may posit hardware and software faults of your choosing if you like.
  2. The spanning tree algorithm has been highly successful over time. But nothing is perfect. Speculate about a way in which you would want it to do an even better job and why this is important. Alternatively, speculate about part of the job it does that is unecessary.
  3. The spanning tree algorithm was designed with "easy deployment" in mind. Elaborate on this point by rating the design. That is, how well do you think it lives up to "easy deployment"? Mention an aspect you appreciate, and whether there are any design lessons or shortcomings to note.