Cool applets

Single cell (rod-like) response (Brown University)

Color metamers (Brown University)

Color reflection and metamers (Brown University)

The rest of the color vision applets (Brown University)

Vector displays (M.I.T.)

Raster displays (M.I.T.)

Continuous 1D convolution (Brown)

Discrete 1D convolution (Brown)

Selective filtering of YIQ images  [html] [pdf] (Brian Curless, UW)

Morphing Applet

Affine Transformation Game (Brown)

Change of basis (Craig Kaplan)

Ray Trace Visualization (Jake Russel, UW, updated by Marc Templin)

Phong lighting model (University of Colorado)

Cubic curves, zip file (Doug Zongker)

Bezier Curves


Curve Interpolation

Tensor product Bezier patch (Cornell University)

Triangular subdivision surfaces (Created under the direction of Paul Heckbert, CMU; ported by Daniel Wood, UW)

"Walkers" animation (Ken Perlin, NYU)