Zhenbin Xu

This modeler is a south park style cartoon. It doesn't have a name so I will just call it FooBar in the great tradition of programming community. So FooBar is flying through a space tunnel formed by some flying objects. The spaceship he steps on is formed by sliding one curve through another curve, that is, extruded surface. I should have spent more time crafting its material so that he doesn't fall off easily. BUt since he is just a care-free kid, he doesn't really care. He is singing as you can see from the top-left image. The left side of the tunnel are texture mapped objects. The right side is some Unkown Flying Objects (a.k.a UFO) so mysteries that FooBar is completely puzzeld by it (bottom right image). These are formed by rotating a curve around an axis.

FooBar's hair is formed by height field of a bitmap. It is easy to give him new hair style by replacing the bitmap.

The space without stars is spooky. I will draw a better space next time :-)