John Wray

My model is Jesus the Cat. He's composed of spheres and cylinders and texture mapped with fur. The head and neck can be controlled to make the cat look in different directions, and the tail can be waved. When animated, the cat will walk or run depending on the speed setting. As he picks up speed, his running style changes to a gallop and his tail waves around more quickly. Jesus can run up hills and even walk on water! (hence the name Jesus) The motion of the tail and the legs while running are calculated from sinusoids, and the height at a given position is calculated by interpolating the heights of the nearest triangle vertices.

The terrain is a triangle mesh of a height field obtained from a bitmap, with some randomness introduced to add realism. It is rendered with smooth-shading by calculating the normals at each vertex, and the color is generated from a one-dimensional texture map based on height. Raising the cats altitude will reveal the cat's magic carpet, allowing it to soar into the air. The carpet is an extruded surface that undulates with the wind, also smooth-shaded and texture-mapped.

Vote for Jesus because he's purr-fect!