Timothy Williams

Surimi is an imitation crab. His body is made from a surface of rotation, as are his legs and claws. The bumps on the shell that are the base of the eyestalks is made by sweeping a function along another. The eyestalks themselves are made by sweeping one curve around a line defined by another curve (i.e. a surface of rotation, but around a moving line, not an axis). Even the seaweed in the background is made from a mathematical curve (a spiral swept around a spiral).

Surimi is good at keeping his feet on the floor, regardless of the angles his leg joints take. You can also lock the radius of his feet on the floor, and then as you change leg angle 1, leg angles 2 and 3 automatically flex to keep the feet stationary on the ground.

The eyes can be made to look around, and up or down. The scale of the legs is adjustable. Finally, Surimi does a pretty interesting animation. Be warned that unless you have a very fast machine, it's best to view the animation in poor resolution, and there is a slider to speed up the animation.