Gregory Taleck

Basically, I implemented a humanoid type character. I started with the torso being made up of disconnected blocks. My intent was to have the body stay together via some magnetic-type force. Then, when the character jumped, etc., the pieces would bounce around in their place and eventually stabilize. But ran out of time...

Slider Animation:
Shoulders rotate around the Y-axis (in front/back of the torso)
Shoulders also rotate around the Z-axis (above and to the sides of the torso)
The head tilts back and forth
The torso bends forward and backward.
NOTICE the incremental bending of the segments that make up the torso.
The torso rotates left and right (around the Y-axis) NOTICE again the torso pieces moving independently.
The elbows rotate
The lower arm twists (based off the upper arm slider)

Based off two sliders, Jump and Squat, the Animate button will loop through a jumping sequence.

Texture Mapping:
I have (kind of) added texture mapping to my morphed primitive: y_box_decor.
Enable this using the "Texture->Enable" menu button