Niniane Wang

Disco Homer

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such other classes as "Notepad for Dummies", "Starting Up Your Internet Business", and "Closing Down Your Internet Business". Today we will visit my old friend Homer J. Simpson. In the center of the portrait, we find Homer in his natural state, tracking the elusive donut with the eye of a trained hunter. To the upper left, you see him dejected, having been eluded by the clever donut. In the lower left, the donut has returned, in a mutated form! Homer is terrified. But soon he has forgotten his fears, as he enters the disco!! As with any disco, three differently colored lights revolve around him along the xyz axes. Homer jiggles his arms and belly -- "watch that blubber fly!" If you liked this program, send $1 to:

Happy Girl
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P.S. It also does the Hitchcock Effect.