Keith Folsom


My model is of a cat. I referenced a picture of a cat skeleton to help me make the joint placements and limb proportions accurate. All the joints of the legs can be adjusted, including the foot positions. I've attempted to make the angles that can be set as realistic as possible. For instance, the kitty's head can't be turned backwards! The tail can be moved both vertically and horizontally, as can the neck. The neck can also be rotated about it's long axis, to tilt the head.

I added animation such that the tail will swish continuously back and forth, with the head moving back and forth when the tail is outside the +/- 30 degree range. I used a generated bitmap as a texture map for the insides of the ears. The nose is made up of a number of individual triangles, as are the ears. The torso and legs are made of cylinders with squished spheres as end-caps. The mouth is made up of a row of small, angled cylinders.

For the colorings, I used the "Snoop" tool to sample RGB values from a JPEG of a tabby cat.