Eric Fisk

My artifact is basically a work of animation, so running the exe is fairly necessary to get the idea. I attempted to demonstrate the differences between a carnivore and a herbivore, in features and in movement. The basic differences are as follows:

Carnivore (vs Herbivore) value:
1. Eyes are faced forwards
2. Eyeballs are set to point in the same direction
3. Ears are pointed forward
4. Teeth are changed from blue grinders to red cutters
5. Movement is changed from jerky to smooth

In addition, I support the following dimensional alterations:
1. Hearing (ear size)
2. Sight (eye size)
3. Taste (mouth size)
4. Smell (nose size)
5. Movement (The range of head motion - turn off to inspect component motions better)

In addition, the following attributes animate:
1. Mouth (lips)
2. Eyeballs
3. Ears