Nathan Dwyer

This model uses an L-system to generate a tree. The system generates a trunk with three branches. The nature of L-systems allow them to be called recusively to create trees or arbitrary depth. You can set the "Leaf Scale" slider to zero to see just the tree structure.

Each branch of the tree is a solid created by rotating a bezier curve around the z-axis. The leaf shape is generated by running a bezier curve around the perimiter, and another one down the spine. The leaf parameter slider control the beizer control points in some interesting ways. You can set the "Tree depth" slider to zero to render a single leaf to see how the different leaf sliders interact.

The slider "Dance Animation" causes the branches to twirl around the axis of their parent branch. It's hard to see in a complex model, but easier to see with fewer branches. It's sorta lame, but after creating the tree, I couldn't think of an interesting way to animate it.